Schutzhund Club of Buffalo

Founder - Owen Tober            UScA            Established - 1978   

Welcome to one of the premier Schutzhund Clubs in the USA. The Schutzhund Club of Buffalo is one of the oldest established clubs in the United States. We have been in existence since 1978 and have held more licenced Schutzhund trials and earned more degrees than any club in the New England Region. Our members train their dogs, which include GSDs, Rottweilers, Doberman, Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuran, Dutch Shepherd, Pit Bull and Airedale, for sport and for show qualifications.

The Schutzhund Club of Buffalo is dedicated to the preservation of the "Total" Working Dog by offering the finest in training, educational seminars and internationally licensed Conformation shows, breed evaluations and working trials. We have also hosted the finest in Police K-9 training seminars. In conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo has brought over experts in canine training from police departments throughout Germany to provide training seminars, and certifications under international DPO rules. The Schutzhund Club of Buffalo is also the first club in the U.S. to host a Rauschgift Spuerhund Pruefung, which is the German National Certification for Narcotic Detector Dogs. Within the membersip ranks of the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo you will find knowledgeable people skilled in every aspect of the canine world. Within the ranks are National class competition dogs, Police K-9 dogs, Narcotic, Bomb, & Cadaver Detector dogs, Search & Rescue dogs, and loyal companion dogs. We intend to keep up the club's outstanding past as well as build on the future.

DVG Fall Club Trial
Oct 14 - 15, 2023
DVG Judge: Jani Turkia

My wife and I were introduced to dog sport via our late Doberman Daz in the 90's. He was a dog with not much heritage, but grew to be an incredible working dog! To train Daz we visited the Memphis Schutzhund Club when he was almost a year old and the following weekend picked up a GSD puppy for me from Texas. That is how our Schutzhund Journey began...

Over the years we both trained many dogs but instead of competing, like my wife, I found helperwork and testing the dog's character more intriguing. I have worked numerous championships and other trials as the helper over the years and currently hold the OfG (Training Director) position for DVG Mid-West KG. I still find problem solving and analyzing dog behavior one of the most rewarding aspects of the sport.

Since the beginning of our time in the sport, I was interested in the judging and scoring of the routines. In 2015 I had the opportunity to join the DVG Judges Apprenticeship Program and received my Judge's License in December of 2017. Since then I have had the privilege of judging club trials and championships for different organizations all over the United States.

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Schutzhund Club of Buffalo

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Crittenden Fire Department
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