Schutzhund Club of Buffalo

Founder - Owen Tober            UScA            Established - 1978   

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Owen Tober - HMFIC,
Founder of the
Schutzhund Club of Buffalo

"Its the eye of the tiger;
Its the thrill of the fight"

Kathy Tober
Founding and Lifetime Member
Thank you Kathy, for your 25 years of
service and contributions to have made
the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo as successful as it was and
is today!

Club Members

Life Time Member: Billy McGlynn

Jacqueline (Loss) Slocum

Joe Caprio

Vice President

Lance (Zoo) Zee
Training Director - Tracking
Caesar v Weyrough

Jason Slocum

Club Helper
Training Director

Jacqueline DeMarco
Flex & Wyatt

Jessica Fritschi
Ahsoka Tano

Michele O'Connell
SG1 Koda vom Alpenhof
NE Regional

Ken Payne
Cronos v Amtsbach

Paul Perrello
Grimm von der Staatsmacht

Pamela Scheda
Matilda vom Wesburg

Susan Sopranzi
Ivana & Jan vom Quasliner Moor

Maree (Barbie) Torello
Brooklyn Don

Jocelyn Helta

Barb Lenahan
Beso & Nighean vom Starenweg

Chelsea Harvey
Stryker (MIX)
Haze (MAL)

Colton Herring

Taylor Kimmerly

Maribel Tores

Paul Shaffer

Marcus Floyd

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